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1974.07.30 Joni's next appearance Blossom Music Center Cuyahoga Falls, OH

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Tommyp on

My friend Patty and U were laying on a blanket out in the grass looking up at the night sky and enthralled by Joni. The moon was up and as we gazed upward we saw four bright dots is a diamond shape move across the sky past the moon. They were moving very fast. Faster than jets. We abruptly sat up and said to each other "did you SEE that?!" It was an amazing night and a beautiful concert!

ellenberk on

thank you ,Joni, for getting me through high school in one piece-your music helped to keep me sane-Glad I never agreed with what an analyst told me-- moved on to Colorado and saw you at Red Rocks too-- Your music gets me goimg now on my spinning bike--You turn me on Im a radio-Carey , All I want- - thank you for describing so many aspects of relationships and helping me with both good and bad moods-- aThank you for your insightfull and intelligent lyrics to listen to- You have kept many friends connected through your music! l Love and wishing you peace in your heart and soul-!  [ed.]

DebraChattin on

Loved the concert. Joni was magnificent !! Wish I had photos. So long ago. Such wonderful memories !!

debrajay on

I was a student at Ohio State University and drove to see Joni at Blossom with a girlfriend from Ohio Wesleyan. I adored Joni's music and couldn't wait to see her live. The venue was gorgeous and she was magnificent. It was a two-part concert, as I remember it. First she sang with her back up band. Then she took a break. When she came out, it was just Joni, a grand piano and a huge vase of red roses. And she sang into the night so beautifully. Of all the concerts I've attended, nothing compares to that night with Joni.

For the longest time, I wondered if the cover of her album "Miles of Aisles" was Blossom Music Center, but I learned it was Pine Knob in Michigan, were I live now.

Thanks for your music, Joni.

mitchpera on

Hello there - and not that I expect Joni to ever see this comment - but, I'd sure be thrilled if she did.

I was only a few years out of high school (I'm 56 now), and my friends and I went to see Ms. Mitchell at this then stunning outdoor ampitheatre setting. Fresh off the knock-out success of "Court and Spark," but plainly heading into a period of disenchantment with "popularity" and touring, Joni just flattened us right into the grass at Blossom. Now, honestly, she was touring with her "band" sound at that point, and though I suspect she's tired of hearing it, the part of the concert that took your breath away, was when she dropped all the fanfare and just sung out into that night sky. How frustrated she was with the yelling and such - and while I probably don't have the words right, I remember distinctly she admonished the crowd to get silent so she could give us what some folks were yelling to demand of her. But, give, give, give she did.

I want to say that since that night, I have followed Joni's career without fail, always willing to experience her new ventures - ventures I find exciting - and have been willing, yes, even excited, to accept and embrace her musical and vocal changes. Joni, like us, you're allowed to grow older - and wiser or not (and I say that with a smile as I'd say it about me) - you're allowed to change and still be loved.

Thank God for Blossom Music Center - and for the chance this then young man had (not the last time, but "the first" is always the most special) to see Ms. Joni Mitchell.

Best regards,

Mitch Pera