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1972.05.19 Joni's next appearance Sounds For Saturday—BBC 2 TV London, England

Broadcast on June 10th.

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Yorkie on

I don't think these photos are from Sounds for Saturday. My memory tells me the set was brightly lit (it was a studio, not a theatre) and Joni was dressed much more quietly (!). Also, those do not look like BBC microphones at all. That being said, I realise it's now almost 50 years ago, and though I made a sound recording on my little cassette recorder this was before home video, so I haven't actually SEEN the concert since then. The 2 photos I've uploaded fit my memory, both in terms of clothes and microphones.

Still one of my absolute favourite Joni concerts -- I wonder if the BBC still have the video? They were quite cavalier about wiping things in those days, so it may well be lost and gone forever.