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Neil Young

(from: Portrait of a Singer's Inner Soul by Robert Enright) © Toronto Globe and Mail July 5, 2000

And there are reproductions taken from early sketch-pad drawings — including one of a youthful Neil Young — that Mitchell did backstage in the 1960's as she waited to perform.

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Early Figurative

Felt pen on paper
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Comments on Neil Young

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jasooo on 2014-Sep-10 at 15:13:13 GMT-5:
Would you be willing to entertain an offer for this piece? thanks!
djowanne on 2011-Mar-06 at 16:02:43 GMT-5:
I've been a Joni Mitchell and Neil Young fan since age 9!

I absolutely love this work of art. Does it need an introduction? No, but the man deserves one, for sure!

Exceptional songwriters, artists!
sharonharrison on 2009-Apr-15 at 09:33:40 GMT-5:
No title necessary. It looks exactly like him. She caputred his total essence.
Hendo on 2009-Mar-19 at 04:43:10 GMT-5:
Really like this, very simple but has got Shakey bang on.