Unknown title

Private collection

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Wild Thing on

If you enlarge this painting, you'll see scribbled over the horse's back in copper 'On a hot wind she shed winter.' So I'm thinking this is the title.

cathyblair on

I would love to have this in my home. I would like to have many of her paintings in my home. I love/listen to all of Joni's music ... which is available to the public ... if her paintings were available to the public it would be such a gift to us all. She inspires me to be more, to think deeper, to try things that I hold back from, to be honest, to examine things closely, to not waste time, she is moving through her life so gracefully with a creative spirit that leaves an inspiring impression ... I hope that it won't take her passing before we get to share in her art ... like so many artists before her ... they did not color our walls until so long after they were gone. I would feel like her presence was a little more in my life if I was able to own copies of her beautiful art ... many cares from Cathy Blair.