Before The Avalanche

(from Diary of a Decade Interview by Trevr Dunn for Greater London Radio June 9, 1990)
A couple of pieces are done from life. There are a series, three of -- where the preliminary sketches were done by a cheap camera, which eliminates a lot of detail. They have a geometry to them that's very angular. They're quasi- realistic. There is some brush style -- they're kind of a diary of a day. They're a lot of snapshots thrown up in the air and coming down at -- you know, what I consider to be interesting angles. From there, the work went into the abstract. The angles remained and there are a couple of pieces in the show like that, but the subject matter disappeared or abstracted. One of them is cubes of ocean in Los Angeles and the sky the way it gets in November. So it's a diary of a kind of light that happens at a certain time of year and squiggles of gold which represent the kelp washing up on the beach. So I know what it means. Even when it's abstract, it still has some subject matter, but it's less recognizable.

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Pym on

Roberta call Kelly as she is still before the avalanche.