Wild Things Run Fast (detail)

(from Interview with WNEW-FM, January 12, 1986)
PF: I was thinking of what you said in terms of how your art has changed and your music has changed by looking at the self-portrait that you did for the "Clouds" album versus the self-portrait that you did for the "Wild Things Run Fast" album, and indeed what you said about the music and the art applies here, I think, don't you? The first one being simple --

JM: Uh-huh.

PF: -- whereas the "Wild Things Run Fast" having many more layers of communication in it and could similarly the same thing said about the music on these two albums.

JM: Looking at them now, because I haven't seen them side-by-side like that, they are stylistically more compatible than some of the others, don't you think? Like you can almost tell that they were done by the same artist. Some of them you would never know, you know.

PF: And, of course, the subject matter is exactly the same, yourself, but yourself in close-up and yourself from a distance. Oh, by the way, I always wanted to ask you, Eric Anderson told me that this cover was based upon a photograph that he took --

JM: Yeah, he took a Polaroid. It's true. He took the Polaroid of me leaning on the TV set like that.

PF: Oh, that's great.

JM: But I changed the costume, you know, and put the horses in --

PF: Uh-huh.

JM: -- and cheated the perspective on the table there so you get another plane.

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HumanistLawyer86 on

I love love love love love her "Unchained Melody" mashup on this album. LOVE

Andy on

I amnaged to get three of thye prints as well and one is still on my wall.

anitagabrielle on

There were 100 signed 'fine art' prints in the UK to be won of this painting in May 1983 at the time of the Refuge In The Roads Tour. To win, there were a few shops where you could buy a 45 single with a Joni related question you had to answer and send off and wait to see if you won. I think the details of what to do was on the tour programme. I drove a lot of miles to one of the shops (in Biggleswade!!) got the single and answered the question. I got my friends to also send in answers, hoping I might win a print. In fact, I won 7 signed prints (via my own successful entry and those of my friends) and one of the prints is still on my wall today. The rest I gave away to Joni fans I met along the way.

In 1994, I met Peter C who, like me, bid for one of the guitars from the tour and Pete has the first sunburst and I the first blonde. When we talked, we discovered that, like me in 1983, Pete had also driven to a special shop and also won several prints via his friends and had also given them away to other Joni fans. Nice moments.
Anita September 15 09