Painted specifically for the cover of the October 2005 Paste Magazine. From that issue:

The year was 1979. Cameron Crowe waiting in the office of Joni Mitchell's manager for the singer/songwriter's first in-depth interview in a decade, an interview that was - along with Marvin Gaye and Neil Young - on the young music journalist's list of dream assignments. It would be Crowe's final cover story for Rolling Stone; his next project, a book about a bunch of high-school kids in California, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, launched him into the world of film.

So while brainstorming how to portray Crowe on the cover of PASTE for his latest movie, Elizabethtown, it was the filmmaker who suggested we approach his friend Joni for an illustration. She graciously accepted the challenge and began pouring over photos from Elizabethtown and footage from the movie's Kentucky shoot. We'd asked her to work in the 'coloring book' painting style she'd last used in the mid '70's for her cover of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's 'So Far'. "I haven't painted [like that] in years," Mitchell says. But spending the late summer at her residence in Sechelt, B.C. she found the exact painting kit she'd used for those famous portraits. I hadn't seen it in 30 years. I opened up the caps with trepidation. I thought they'd all be dried up. Some colors had, but many hadn't. I had a limited palette! But I think all the elements are there - the black [horse farm] fences, the green grass of Kentucky, and an indication of those flowering fruit trees. It's pretty abstract."

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