Jane Lurie

Joni's comments from the StarArt book: "'The Road To Woodstock' is a two-edged drawing; it can be viewed with the road leading towards the top or the road leading out sideways. It was a shorthand of the moment when Jane Lurie, my road manager at the time, and I were on the way to Woodstock. There was a one-way sign leading into this Esso station, both those signs are in there and I ordered a Coke, so there's a Coca-Cola in the side of Janie's face. In front of us at the gas pumps was a van so from one angle it's a van and from another it's a mountain The drawing was finished before the gas tank filled up, then I colored it later."

In the Starart book, Joni called this painting 'The Road To Woodstock'. In the Morning Glory on the Vine reissue, she calls it 'Jane Lurie'

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