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It's called JONI, the new album and project by Rossana Casale, a 'jazz' homage to the great American singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, considered the great mother of American songwriting.

Casale says: “She was my first guide, my very first listening along with my father's jazz albums. I would lock myself in the living room and put on her albums, especially 'Blue' and let myself be carried away by the words of her incredible lyrics. With 'Woodstock' played only on the black keys of the piano, at sixteen I successfully passed the singing admission to the Conservatory in Milan. From her, for the entire first part of my career, I drew inspiration for my harmonic choices in composition and in the songs other musicians wrote for me, to which I added those lyrics, that wanted to comunicate my stories but without ever being too direct. In this album I respected her writing in the development of each song and then gave jazz the role of flight, of the painter who sweeps with the colors, inspired by Joni's words". With Rossana Casale, on the album and on tour, her now historic band: Emiliano Begni (piano), Francesco Consaga (Soprano Sax and Transverse Flute), Ermanno Dodaro (double bass), Gino Cardamone (jazz guitar). Produced by Rossana Casale for Egea Music

Rossana Casale, born in 1959, is an artist and singer-songwriter on the Italian music scene with more than 17 albums released to date. More information here