Tributes & Events

Those of you with longer memories (that pesky pandemic!) will fondly remember singer and songwriter Joanna Eden and composer and pianist Chris Ignham's last visit to BCAF a few years back, with their wonderful tribute to Embraceable Ella Fitzgerald. And even further back, their evocative Jazz at the Movies. Truly, high-class acts.

So, we are beyond delighted to welcome them back, to present a breathtaking show in celebration of Joanna's hero, Joni Mitchell.

With a world-class band featuring pianist/guitarist Chris Ingham and Andres Lafone on bass/guitar, Joanna lovingly recreates Joni's masterpieces; taking the audience on a journey through the myriad of ideas, textures, themes, voices and emotions of Mitchell's canon... and tracing Joni's influences in some of her own songs. Expect to catch glimpses of a singer and her band in ecstasy! More information here.