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Joni Mitchell Anthology

by Joni Mitchell [Warner Brothers Publications - 1983]
ISBN-13: 9780769207148
ASIN: 0769207146

Odd compilation containing Michael from Mountains, Chelsea Morning, Both Sides Now, I Don't Know Where I Stand, Big Yellow Taxi, The Circle Game, For Free, Ladies Of The Canyon, Woodstock, Conversation, Rainy Night House, Willy, Morning Morgantown, All I Want, My Old Man, California, River, Carey, A Case Of You, You Turn Me On I'm A Radio, Free Man In Paris, Car On A Hill, Help Me, Raised On A Robbery, In France They Kiss On Mainstreet, Coyote, Jericho, Don Juan's Reckless Daughter, Chinese Cafe, Solid Love, and Wild Things Run Fast. Transcribed for Piano and Guitar but the only song in a Joni tuning is You Turn Me On I'm A Radio.


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