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The Fiddle And The Drum

by [Koch Vision - 2009]
ASIN: B001NJ916Q

Joni Mitchell's The Fiddle and The Drum explores Mitchell's life-long concerns about environmental neglect and the warring nature of mankind within a ballet performed to a select soundtrack of her eternal songs. The unique combinations of three art forms - music, dance and art - comprise an engaging spectacle that Joni calls "...the best project of her career."

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rosenbar on

Absolutely brilliant!!! Awesome. You must view this. :)

miles01 on

it is out in Europe. Available at AMAZON UK and Germany. Best Elmar

joefar on

wish i could watch it but doesn't seem to be available in compatible format for the UK. does anybody know if it will become available in European format, region 2? better still bring the live show over here on tour.

rhobags on

would love to be in a position to comment, but based in the UK I wouldn't be able to watch it. Any ideas if it's going to be available outside US and Canada?