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Do we call Joni Juno now? Print-ready version

by Peter Goddard
Toronto Star
February 6, 1981
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Joni Mitchell spent most of the day thinking about fame. And it seemed that it usually comes posthumously, "When you're all wrapped up," she said.

It came way ahead of schedule for her last night. Not only was she named to the Juno Hall Of Fame at the 11th annual music industry salute to itself, but it was Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau who gave the blonde singer in the body hugging gold sheath dress the plaque that places her in the company of Paul Anka, Guy Lombardo, Oscar Peterson and Hank Snow.

In a 2-1/2-hour show which saw the absent Anne Murray, as the only big winner, sweep four awards, Trudeau went on to say how Mitchell, born in Fort McLeod, Alt., 37 years ago, expressed the spirit of the west. "Liberty and freedom" played "an important part in her songs," he added. It was a glossy political speech, complete with constitutional joke. And in a pure show business sense, it was perhaps the next-best stand-up routine of the night - second only to host Ronnie Hawkins ripping the back of his right pant let in full view the CBC's two-hour national TV coverage.

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