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Playboy (Magazine)
October 1979
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RANDOM RUMORS: Bill Graham, dean of the rock promoters, has been looking for a night club or a small concert hall in the San Francisco area ever since the demise of Winterland. He's offered to construct one in the new Levi Strauss Building going up near Fisherman's Wharf: blue-jean rock...Starart, a special collection of artwork done by a number of music personalities—Joni Mitchell, Commander Cody, Ron Wood, to name a few—will sell in a special leather-bound limited edition for $1000...Conversion or no conversion, that is the question: Pat Boone says absolutely not. Bob Dylan did not get baptized in the Boone family pool. A fundamentalist minister in Southern California says Dylan joined his Christian Vineyard Fellowship Movement. Columbia Records refuses to comment. Dylan's chief PR man says he's not reborn. The answers to these pressing questions are allegedly coming to us on his next album. Stay tuned...Our sources tell us that the new road romance is between Gregg Allman and Bonnie Bramlett. Bonnie recently referred to him as her "new heartthrob."

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