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Just Like Me

Let's Sing Out - Sudbury, Ontario
October 24, 1966

From the folk music TV program "Let'’s Sing Out". Recorded at Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario by CBC TV. The program, hosted by Oscar Brand, also featured Jimmy Driftwood, Bob Jason, and the Allen Ward Trio. It was broadcast in November of the same year.


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Gus on

...reminds of 'Night In the City' a little, ain't it !?!
- gR

phenry on

"I knew Joni back in '66 before she started recording. My situation was that I was the 'booking guy' at our coffeehouse, The Cellar in Michigan, and also the house performer which meant I played the interval set for all the people who played there including Joni, plus I played the weekends when we didn't get anyone else booked. I crashed at the place and on the weekends when Joni played there she would come over during the day on Saturday to work on her writing and to rehearse, understandable because she literally lived on the road in those days. I was always there, alone with her on those days and often she would jam with me, asking me to play the odd guitar part or harmonize with her as she was 'thinking' her music. I witnessed her doing so many times as she worked on writing her songs, trying different lines and chords. (a lot of times I just listened) It was on one of these Saturday afternoons that she taught me how to play 'Just Like Me' at my request because I loved the song and it was then that she told me that she'd written it about her friend, Stephen Stills."

lordbyron on

I have always wished Joni would have done a studio recording of this great song.It is just so fine.