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Canadian Music Hall of Fame Award

Toronto, Ontario
February 5, 1981

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau inducts Joni into the Canadian Hall Of Fame, at the JUNO Awards ceremony in Toronto's O'Keefe Center.

Pierre Trudeau: She is a great singer, a great artist, a great composer, a great songwriter, a great painter. She is Joni Mitchell and I will present to her the Hall of Fame Award. The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame honoring Joni Mitchell for her contribution towards the greater international recognition of Canadian artists and music, 1981. To you, Joni.

Joni Mitchell: Well, the Hall of Fame makes me feel like Boom Boom Geoffrion. I have a lot of people to thank. I’d especially like to thank the people of the Academy who voted for me and put me into this honorable hall. And I’d like to thank those fans of mine who have supported me through the last few years as my work has become more experimental, and the great musicians who have accompanied me through that experimental period. I’d like to thank my manager, who has been with me for many years now; and Henry Lewy – Elliot Roberts, my manager; Henry Lewy, my assistant in the recording studio, who is also a long-time partner – and so many long-term friends that have made this gauntlet called fame a pleasant and beautiful experience. Thank you very much.

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