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1999.05.17 Joni's next appearance The Beverly Hilton Hotel Beverly Hills, CA

The 16th annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards took place.
Joni was honored with the Founders Award, ASCAP's
highest honor bestowed upon songwriters. Janet Jackson
and Stevie Wonder participated in a tribute to Joni.

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  • Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell and Marilyn Bergman
  • Paparazzi after the event
  • Joni poses.  Photo by Steve Granitz.  
  • Stevie Wonder and Joni.  Photo by Steve Granitz.
  • Songwriters of the year Max Martin & Diane Warren join ASCAP president Marilyn Bergman, Stevie Wonder & Joni.
  • ASCAP president Marilyn Bergman presents Joni with the Founders Award. Stevie Wonder and Janet Jackson accompanied Joni.
  • Stevie Wonder and Joni. Photo by Steve Granitz
  • Photo by Steve Granitz

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On Monday evening, the 17th of May, Joni was presented with the ASCAP Founders Award at the 16th annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards.

ASCAP President and Chairman, Marilyn Bergman, made a few introductory remarks about Joni, saying "This award recognizes a truly original talent in music, a woman whose classic songs have succeeded as works of art and as commercial successes...Joni Mitchell's influence has been incalculable, and she is most deserving of this award, the highest honor ASCAP bestows on a songwriter." This was followed by a performance of Joni's song, "Woodstock," performed by Stevie Wonder (who arrived at the show in a big yellow taxi). His performance was so moving that it apparently brought the audience of celebrities to their feet and Joni to tears. Then a marvelous eight and a half minute film on Joni's career was played. After the film, Stevie, Marilyn and Janet Jackson made the presentation of the Founders Award to Joni. Joni was humbled and said that since there were so many clips in the film of her talking about her music and career that there wasn't much left to say. So she said a simple "Thank you."

After the ceremony, Joni was interviewed by representatives of the press, and she told them that she's working on her next album, a collection of jazz and pop standards that will include a new recording of her most-famous song, "Both Sides Now." Joni told the press that she is leaning towards calling the album Both Sides Now, and that after it's release, she plans to tour with a big band!