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1994.12.03 Joni's next appearance Wiltern Theatre Los Angeles, CA

Joni was the surprise guest at Shawn Colvin’'s concert.

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peejay328 on

Back in the early 90's a client of mine was an agent for the music industry. He would to get me great seats for local shows if someone I liked came to town. On this night, I was sitting in house seats, about 10th row center, for the Shawn Colvin show at the Wiltern Theater in L.A. A woman in a dark cape and large hat stood up two rows in front of me, looked at what i thought was me and started talking and gesturing with her hands. It turns out she was talking to the guy behind me when i realized it was Joni Mitchell. She was beautiful, mysterious looking in that cape and hat, and oh so cool as she briefly gabbed over my shoulder to a friend, colleague, or associate. I couldn't stop looking at her and wanted to interrupt to tell her how much her music meant to me, but i dared not intrude on her conversation...
At some point during the concert she made her way to the wings and did a surprise set in the middle of Shawn Colvin's show. I think she did 1 or 2 songs, i don't even know what she sang...Then she mysteriously disappeared, as I noticed her seat remained empty for the remainder of the show.