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1983.07.24 Joni's next appearance Jones Beach Theatre Wantaugh, NY

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cyberry on

Also my first and only time seeing Joni live. It was chilly at the beach, and I wasn't dressed warmly enough. With my cheap seats, Joni seemed far away. I had an interesting time because at the time I knew Joni only from "Wild Things Run Fast" (I was 22 years old). I didn't even know that she had done "Chelsea Morning" or "Help Me"!!
Anyway, I was excited by the few songs from "Wild Things..." because those were the songs I knew. People were calling out for "Twisted" and other songs - I didn't know what they were talking about! But I had a good time, and this many years later am glad both that I saw Joni live and that I was later able to discover the wondrousness of the rest of her albums.

petezaguy4u on

This was the first & only time I got to see Joni. I took my then girlfriend as a surprise gift. It was a misty night at Jones beach until Joni came out for the 2nd set. Like a giant curtain opening up on a Broadway show, the clouds parted to reveal a huge full moon right in back of the stage area. ( That in itself is seperated from the audience by water like a moat around a castle). the crowd applauded the new backdrop to the stage. I don't think Joni knew what was going on, She made some unrelated coment . Still to this day it was one of the best shows I have ever seen.

Michael12458 on

All I remember of this performance was some rain - some darkness - some smells of the water behind the stage and closing my eyes while listening to Joni's voice as I had and have done hundreds of times.

bobd on

I took my youngest sister to see this show because I wanted to introduce her to a great musical experience and Joni did not disappoint. And I don't think I've experienced a more beautiful setting for a midsummer outdoor evening concert than that one at Jones Beach.