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1983.07.04 Joni's next appearance Pine Knob Music Theatre Clarkston, MI

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  • Photo by Ray Manning
  • Photo by Ray Manning
  • Photo by Ray Manning
  • Photo by Ray Manning
  • Photo by Ray Manning

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kevinlee on

I was just listening to Ladies Of The Canyon and was thinking about Joni. Where she is right now and what she is doing on this July fourth. So I searched for jonimitchell.com and found this comment section. I searched for the only time I had seen Joni in concert and it turned out to be July 4th, 1983. Twenty-seven years ago today! The first record I bought with my own money was "Court and Spark." I still have it today. In fact I have three copies on vinyl, all are worn out. I was a boy soprano and could sing Joni songs perfectly, till I turned fourteen that is. I have many friends, Carly, Tori, Alanis and especially Aimee. They are all special to me. But my first, true love is Joni, and always will be. It makes me sad that I'll never get the chance to tell her in person how much she has meant to me all these years. Oh, and by the way the concert was wonderful!