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1983.06.27 Joni's next appearance Assembly Center, Louisiana State Univ. Baton Rouge, LA

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  • Photo by Thomas Besson.

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Medric on

It was a stormy afternoon in Baton Rouge. The weather cleared an hour or so before the concert. The LSU assembly center was about 3/4 full but the croud was respectful and familiar with her music. She walked onto the stage without introduction in a white lenin tiered outfit with white cotton leggings that were fashionable at the time. The opening number was Coyote and she sounded under the weather. Her voice cleared and became strong as she warmed up. She played all of the older familiar songs to audience delight and several from Wild Things Run Fast, new at the time. She dedicated Cotton Avenue to her friends, the truckers on the highways and byways of the south. The song was morphed into a rock and roll number by the new arrangement. After an intermission, she returned to the stage dressed in a rust colored jumpsuit. Many of the crowd gathered in the footlights for the final numbers which she took time to bask in. The encore, Wookstock, was a solo and she continued to play guitar as she disappeared into darkness at the back of the stage. A fairly good sized crowd gathered at the stage service area hoping to get albums autographed but security was tight and the lemo was backed down a ramp and behind closed doors for a speedy departure.  [ed.]