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1983.06.23 Joni's next appearance Reunion Arena Dallas, TX

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  • One of the artists whose work I fell in love with back when  I first began exploring music in my early teens. Followed her through high school and college and was thrilled when she finally came through Dallas. [shdwsnlite]
  • 1983 - Reunion Arena, Dallas TX [smitty25]

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Bamabetts on

I had been listening to Joni for many years when I decided to go to Texas for graduate school. I was thrilled when I heard she would be performing in Dallas. Only problem was that the concert was the night before my comps. I decided to go ahead and go . . . after all, if I didn't know the stuff by the night before, I was sunk. I went and had the best time . . . great music and conversation and the next morning, passed my comps and got my master's degree! I left the concert feeling relaxed and revived and am SO glad I was able to see her in her prime. Get well, Joni! We NEED more of your music!!

Jim_McMeans on

First of all, I was a HUGE Joni fan, so when I heard she was coming to Dallas, I bought tickets asap. I had wanted to see her for years and finally had a chance. I was 22, and been a fan since I was 12 when I walked by my sisters room one day and she was playing "help me" on her turntable. When I heard that song, I was hooked, and been so ever since. In fact, even now when I hear help me, it's like a reset button for me. It's like the background music of my life. Moving on....the early eighties were a bit sketchy for me as I was a chemical disposal, so the Percocet and beer were a nice buzz for the event. We had seats about half way up and on the right side of the stage. As I recall it was Steve Lukather on guitar rather than Larry Carlton as I had expected, so it was a little more rocking with Steve's more modern sound. Anyway, it was all fantastic, even without great acoustics. My highlight of the night was when there was a bit of a hush between songs and I yelled out "AMELIA", and she looked up at me with a bit of a smile on her face. SHE LOOKED AT ME!

zewdude on

It started in April, the 23rd I think, at ZOO World in Dallas, Tx. They had a big screen playing a Joni Mitchell Concert and she just blew me away, especially with the great sound system KZEW had setup. Well, I was in a major life transition at that time and had listened to her for several years. I bought a ticket and went to the concert on my Kawasaki 750 that I had just bought a few months back, as I was going through Irving on the way to the concert, a lady ran a red light and hit me and sent me and the bike flying into the ditch, I was a little light headed at the moment, with a case of road rash on my hands and knees, but was able to get the ladies insurance info. I got up, brushed myself off and looked the bike over, several scratches and dents but bike was still drivable, so, I hopped back on and made the concert anyway, I mean, why waste a ticket?I still had grass in my hair from the wreck when I got back to Denton, no major issues, but, man, what a concert.Thanks Joni, I think of that time quite often and have been looking for thiis concert info and found it finally.Oh, I bought a Harley with the insurance money...