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1983.06.12 Joni's next appearance Concord Pavilion Concord, CA

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  • Ticket stub
  • Wild Things 1983 Tour Booklet, front cover [aronr]
  • I loved the way she  dressed! [jiventalk]
  • Photo by Beth Ann Bartch Moitoso
  • The crowd went wild after someone threw her a stuffed Woodstock.  [jiventalk]

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michaelfromcalgary on

My wife and I attended the Concord Pavilion concert, with our 7 week old daughter in arms, in the chair seating under the pavilion. Concert was far too short. Our vinyl album collection was up-to-date at that time; singing along like everyone else. David Crosby recently opined that Joni wrote "over the heads" of the fans, hinting that maybe she was out of touch. Not so, say we. Still following Joni in 2020. We received the Joni Mitchell Song Book reissued this Christmas, as a gift from that young child, Brooke, now 37. Thank you, Joni for feeling deeply.

randyremote on

Concord has never been one of my favorite venues, unless you have seats up front. The SF Chronicle review of this show was typically snooty. They said the sound was poor, and this may have been true. I remember Vinnie Colaiuta's distinctive drumming, and I remember that "I Heard It Though The Grapevine" was the encore.

jiventalk on

I remember this concert well (it was my 2d JM concert), and thinking how much younger I was (25), than a lot of the other women there. She was so confident. Didn't miss a beat. Someone threw her a small stuffed, white "Woodstock" and she held it for a few songs. The weather was great outdoors.

bozito on

It certainly was a beautiful June evening.
I'm a highly functioning schizo-affective person but this concert happened 7 months before our twins were born, so I wasn't having voices yet. Still, I have had so much trouble with demonic voices in the interim, my memory function, along with the rest of my rational brain, has been severely shaken at its moorings so I do not recall the show well. I sat with Holly about 1/2 way back slightly to the right facing Joni in the seats, though the venue has a nice lawn arrangement for a large crowd. It was packed as I recall, and the volume was high. Klein was fantastic on bass as I recall -- I love his energy!! I bought the booklet which I still have and perhaps some other souvenirs, which would be in my collection in the garage. It was not as exciting as sitting next to Les Irvin for the San Jose show with Dylan and Van, and Cathy Keating and my good friend, Mary Grace Valentinsson (since deceased and at that time suffering some hearing loss from a brain tumor) -- all having met on the JMDL!! My voices were pretty active during my time on the JMDL, but that's a whole 'nother story.  [ed.]

MrMedefind on

It was a lovely June evening.
And it was a first for many reasons. I was on a first date with my future wife and, it was the first time either of us had seen Joni in concert. She was, of course, amazing despite the fact her concert didn't start the way she might have wanted.
She opened with "Case of You" and hit a sour note after just a few bars of that iconic piece. She stopped everything and gave a little "Whoops," then started again. The second take was flawless (as was the remainder of the evening.) For us, the evening provided an amazing start to an amazing life journey. My wife and I have now been married for 27 incredible years and have two wonderful children. Must be that night with Joni in Concord!

iracema1 on

My first and only Joni Mitchell concert! As a peniless recent graduate I had to hitchhike from SF to the East Bay to see the concert and arrived a bit late, (she was already singing "Why do Fools Fall in Love" in close harmony with a trio).
I sat among a group of fans who knew every single one of her lyrics! When she sang "For Free" she sang "I slept last night at the Fairmount Hotel", giving the song some Local Color for SF. I remember that there were vendors selling t-shirts and hats with her jazz-phase likeness (e.g. longer hair and beret), which I now kill myself I didn't buy. Gorgeous warm evening in the East Bay after cold weather in SF. What a memory!