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1983.04.14 Joni's next appearance NEC Arena-Birmingham Birmingham, England

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captaintriple on

Brilliant, so glad I caught her live at one point in my life. A cherished moment.

thunder on

Front row....what a concert

DonnaBB on

Looking at the tour dates I didn't realise at the time how privileged I was to have seen this talented lady perform live in the UK. Having loved Joni from the age of 12 there was no way I was going to miss this opportunity and I was left spellbound. It was an amazing evening and A Case of You was just the best. A memorable and emotional night never forgotten.

stanneil on

I think the full band for this was Joni, Larry Klein, Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, Mike landau on guitar and Russell Ferrante on keys. I do remember the moment below described by Gary when She performed the solo 'Case of You' on Zither (or dulcimer?). You could have heard a pin drop at the end. 'Wild Things Run Fast' wasn't one of my favourite of her records but this was a super gig and, as it appears to be turning out, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

stanneil on

I attended this concert as a 17 year old with my pal Julian and my brother Eric. We all thoroughly enjoyed the gig and I was completely starstruck by Joni for years afterward - in fact I've never stopped being so. If she ever tours these parts again I would love to see her perform again.

music7 on

I have been a longtime fan of joni mitchell's music so obviously got a ticket for this concert when she came to England. My husband got the tickets and as we took our seats at the NEC we were totally shocked to find we were in the front row. So had a fantastic view and really enjoyed the concert. The band were very good and she had her husband Larry Klein playing bass with them. She was promoting her then new album Wild things run free which I had already bought. I have not seen joni in concert since but will always remember this concert and hope one day she might do some more concerts in the Uk. Thanks for all the great music and wish you the best for the future.