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1979.09.08 Joni's next appearance Civic Auditorium San Francisco, CA

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  • Newspaper ad
  • Ticket stub
  • Photo by Chris Maik
  • Photo by Chris Maik
  • Photo by Chris Maik
  • Photo by Chris Maik
  • Photo by Chris Maik
  • Photo by Chris Maik
  • Persuasions introducing Joni, Photo by Chris Maik
  • The Persuasions, Photo by Chris Maik.
  •  [jiventalk]

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metalsmith on

Finally I was fortunate enough to be in the presence of Joni. I am so glad to be thinking back on this experience. I had been a fan since the earliest years. I am still a fan. Currently listening to Triple J regularly (living in Australia now) - wishing I could be moved like Joni makes me, still to this day. She was strikingly beautiful. The bassist (I believe her partner at the time) lifted the songs that she crafted so that all you considered was the moment - that moment that she sang to me finally. In the moment. I saw her 2 nights in LA at a later date. She still is the definition of beautiful.

MTG on

A memorable concert. What impressed me most was how much Joni Mitchell was in control of the show. The band backing her up was suberb (looking back now, many are legends in their own right (Pat Metheney, Lyle Mays, Randy Brecker, Jaco Pastorius) The music they produced that night was powerful and moving.
In contrast a few weeks earlier I had seen Joan Armatrading, who was quite popular at the time, have obvious difficulty in restraining some of her over-enthusiastic (egotistical?) band members.
Joni was not overberaing but there was no question who was in charge.