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1979.05.06 Joni's next appearance May 6 Coalition Rally — Anti-Nuclear Rally Washington, DC

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  • Graham Nash, Joel Bernstein, and Joni
  • From Rolling Stone issue 294
  • Joni, Graham Nash and Jackson Browne.
  • Rally Button.  Graham Nash is wearing a similar button in photos.
  • Photo by Jay Blakesberg
  • John Hall, Graham Nash, Dan Fogelberg, Jackson Browne & Joni
  • Joel Bernstein and Joni
  • Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, Joel Bernstein, Joni Mitchell [wen]
  • Photo by Peter Simon
  • Photo by Peter Simon
  • Photo by Peter Simon

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wen on

At the time this was the largest anti-nuke protest to ever take place. The previous 2 years there was a "Sun-day" promoting solar power on the Mall where Jackson Browne, and others performed. For this No Nukes gathering many people came out after the accident at Three Mile Island.

Bobcat4422 on

This gathering in DC was an overwhelming experience. Thousands of people were gathered to protest nuclear power after the very dangerous accident at 3 mile island in PA. We walked/protested our way from near the White House down to the capitol and listened to a number of musicians and speakers. Two women who were at the podium were actress Jane Fonda and musician Joni Mitchell. All the speakers/performers gave passionate pleas to end nuclear power. I'll never forget Joni - "they paved paradise and put up a nuclear hotspot"

eileennudd on

We were at Edinboro college and all rode to Washington together to protest the 3 mile island facility. What a day to be able to see Joni, Crosby, stills, and Nash, Jackson Brown, Dan Fogleberg and so many more. It was a musical memory that will never take place again.

granttie on

I have seen your you tube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Flx5V2Gd-NA&feature=related ... I am an iraqi veteran and I live everyday with the war... with the dead and with the mutilated the only way i get power is to know that my movement www.nomorewarsforisrael.com saves llives and what yu do also saves lives... the people of that region are suffering at the hands of christian zionists whom promote the endeless wars and endless stock market crashes that have ruinedour country...

BarbaraKnits on

I was there with Keystone Alliance, a PA grassroots non-profit against nuclear power. We took a bus to Washington from the Phila area. We had to be back to the bus by a certain time. The day was hot. Huge crowd! Took us awhile to walk back to the bus. Sat there waiting for the driver - HE was late - and then I heard Joni start to play. It was very hard to stay on that bus but had no money nor even knew how I could get home if I got off the bus. Several of us on the bus were Joni fans so everyone got quiet so we could hear the strains of her music lacing the air.