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1978.09.03 Joni's next appearance Bread & Roses Festival of Music — Greek Theatre Berkeley, CA

Two Shows

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  • Photo taken from the 1980 <i>Bread & Roses Festival</i> Program Book.
  • Joni, Hoyt Axton, and others
  • Joni with Odetta
  • Mimi Farina, Stephen Stills, and Joni
  • Photo by Shinya Watanabe
  • Photo by Shinya Watanabe
  • Joni and Odetta enjoy the show (and a Michelob) [SteveD]
  •  [SteveD]
  • Tim Hardin, Stephen Stills, and Joni
  • Stephen Stills, Mimi Farina, Joni, Hoyt axton

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joejm on

I had recently moved to the Bay area, and spent many days driving around taking in the sites of the west coast. Having just crossed the Bay Bridge, I found my way to Berkley and the Greek Theater- a beautiful outdoor stone bleechered ampitheater- and discovered that Joni was scheduled to perform there. Idrove up the foothills to the theater, and much to my surprise was able to get a ticket. Well, unfortuinately I was there too late to catch her performance, but the sun, sights, and atmosphere were so exciting that I had to stay to and enjoy the reminder of the performances. At dusk,many performers came out to to play backup for some of the other groups, and sure enough, there was Joni, dressed in military tight kaki pants and coat, with a military cap on and her hair pushed up underneath, and dark sunglasses. It was magnifcant to see her there, even having missed her solo performance,I just drank her up, underneath the stars, standing out in the croud, singing only to me.and the 1000's of others lucky enough to have stayed to the very end. Loved it!