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1974.08.20 Joni's next appearance Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) Saratoga Springs, NY

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  • Advertisement that appeared in the <i>Times Record</i> of Troy, New York on August 14, 1974.
  • Ticket to Joni Mitchell concert at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Tuesday, August 20, 1974, 8:00 PM. [djsmithny]
  • From the August 18 Press and Sun Bulletin
  • From the August 14 Poughkeepsie Journal

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twistedelectricity on

I had been a fan of Joni Mitchell and her music since I was 13. I went with some friends to see her for the first time at SPAC. We lived about a two hour drive away. We sat under the stars on a big blanket and I thought I had gone to Heaven. I remember her introducing the band, the LA Express. I also remember her playing the piano with such passion. At the very end she sang Twisted. The lights under the cover went up and I got up and walked down the aisle to get as close as I could. I got very close to the stage and sat down on one of the aisle steps. It is a time I will always remember like it was yesterday.

laursar on

A friend in the neighborhood awoke me to Joni; ready to head off to graduate school at The Ohio State University, I went to Saratoga (my hometown), the concert,alone. As I'm sure you all know---a mind altering experience.

Don't recall the songlist, but do recall Mitchell at the piano---fiercely! I seem to think it was "Down to You" (from Court and Spark) (of course, you all know).
I also recall Tom Scott!

An amazing concert, igniting a lifelong passion for Joni Mitchell, her art, music, and message  [ed.]

wieldlife on

There are not much better places to be than August in Saratogo. SPAC is a wonderful venue to see any concert. We were under the she, it was a wonderful concert...Tom Scott and the LA Express complimented Joni just right... I would love see her again there. She played eveything I wanted to hear except "California" she refused saying it was a "plastic" song.

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