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1974.08.02 Joni's next appearance Ravinia Festival — Ravinia Pavilion Highland Park, IL

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VikingAngels on

My boyfriend & I attended this concert in Ravinia Park sitting under the Pavillion. It was a beautiful summer night to be sitting outdoors listening to old songs from her first albums including BLUE. She was irritated some because the METRA train pulled through during the concert as the tracks are located right in front of the Ravinia grounds. When she began to sing "It was a rainy night,we took a taxi to your mother's home" all of a sudden a summer storm broke loose. Rain poured down, the lightning crashed & the thunder rolled. It was as if God was right on cue with Joni's lyrics and my boyfriend & I huddled into eachother's arms getting lost in her song with the smell & slight spray of the rain that reached where we sat. I don't think any other performance of RAINY NIGHT HOUSE will ever be as dramatic as that night's. GOD smiled down on Joni that night & made sure we'd never forget her performance at Ravinia!