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1974.03.22 Joni's next appearance William & Mary Hall, College of William & Mary Williamsburg, VA

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importantcargo on

I had to bring my parents to this concert at the last minute. I was 22 years old. My parents were 40 years older than I. I almost went into shock as my father past me a joint that was going around. All I could manage was a smile. Joni remains my most favorite human being.

dhinder44 on

3+ hour spectacular show. Ended with Raised on Robbery with Joni proving she could rock out with the best of them. 42 years later and I still remember this gorgeous concert.

bgriff57 on

I was in High school at the time. A friend of mine had an extra ticket and asked if I wanted to come along. Although my musical tastes were pretty broad, I wasn't at the time into Joni Mitchell. That night changed all that forever.
The concert opened with Tom Scott and the LA Express who were also backing Joni
on this tour. They set the tone for a truly wonderful evening. Wiliam and Mary Hall was built with musical acoustics in mind, and it really enhanced what was to follow. Joni came on a played guitar and sang from BLUE, FOR THE ROSES, and of course from her newly released, COURT AND SPARK album. After a short intermission, she came back with a grand piano and continued to capture the audience...and me along with them. As she finished her concert, she was engulfed with roses and a standing ovation. In the thirty five years that have past since this night, I've witnessed countless concerts and performances, but this one night still ranks near the top in my book...Joni, thanks for the music and the memories. I am so glad that you were a part of my generation and my life.