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1974.03.12 Joni's next appearance Seattle Center Arena Seattle, WA

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tclaypoole on

My then-boyfriend accompanied me to this concert, but he was never a fan. It was the night our high school acapella choir was to record our annual album, as a keepsake, but my priority was Joni Mitchell. I've never regretted not having my voice on our own rough little album. She means the world to me.

tayasusie on

She performed perfectly. All her songs touched my heart. I was 20 years old and absolutely loved her. Also, there was a streaker (remember those, naked people running fast??!!) who ran up the stairs near us and around the Seattle Center Arena.

franb on

This concert focussed on the songs from the new Court & Spark album. I remember Joni's dress was a heavenly shade of blue. It was such a thrill for me, coming from New Zealand, to be able to hear her perform live!