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1974.02.13 Joni's next appearance The Music Hall Cleveland, OH

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  • Advertisement for this evening's concert that appeared in <i>The Chronicle Telegram</i> of Elyria, Ohio.

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Tommyp on

I think I was at this concert in Cleveland. Down near the front in the third hand side. Joni wore a black jacket with bid red roses on each upper sleeve. I remember it was winter snd I remember she was amazing. It was dark onstage and in the hall and those roses really stood out!

TheDonna on

My sister asked me to go along because one of her friends couldn't go. Lucky me. I remember when she came out on the stage with her hair tucked under what looked like a taxi cab hat, either people were gasping because she cut her hair off or they were gasping because they thought she was going to sing "Big Yellow Taxi."

She did neither, but she sang and played as beautifully on stage as she did on the LPs I'd worn out.