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1972.11.18 Joni's next appearance The Troubadour W. Hollywood, CA

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  • © 1972 Neil Rsnick
  • © 1972 Neil Resnick
  • © 1972 Neil Resnick
  • © 1972 Neil Resnick
  • © 1972 Neil Resnick
  • © Neil Resnick
  • © Neil Resnick
  • © 1972 Henry Diltz


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GND54 on

If this was the same concert, I was there also. It was an inspiring evening. Who knew that months later should would be at the Amphitheater with the whole L.A. Express!

xpinfinity on

If this is the same concert, she was sincere, elecrified, warm and funny. Joni told a joke about a tour led by a birdwatcher who looked like a bird. She really performed her talent with such heart, and this being my first Joni concert, I was so amazed.

Again, if this was the same concert, Tom Scott surprised us playing clarinet on 'For Free'

I was so in love with Joni and that night still holds memories that are dear for me. I took some pictures but I have no idea what happened to them.