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1972.06.18 Joni's next appearance Waikiki Shell Honolulu, HI

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  • Event poster
  • General Admission Ticket
  • From the June 4 Honolulu Star Bulletin
  • From the Honolulu Advertiser "Show Biz" section, June 10.

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kalena65 on

I was twenty and visiting my best friend in Hawaii. We drove out to the North Shore of Oahu to check out the boutiques. We were in one of the shops when Joni and Jackson came in and were looking around. Of course we hung around for a bit but didn't ask for an autograph. We left North Shore and immediately bought tickets to her show at the outdoor Waikiki Shell. It was all so magical and I've been listening to Joni ever since.

karenvega on

Sixteen years of age and still a virgin. Attending The High School for Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, Texas(vocal music). I had been listening to her music since the age of 8. Living in Honolulu for the summer I earned my money to purchase a single ticket and went on my own. I crawled down to the front and could smell the flowers the Hawaiians draped and placed on the stage. The singing and the respect she received and gave will forever be my best memory of any of her concerts.I fell in love and am still and will always be in love with her music. She shaped my life to some degree, and that is the best part of me. There will always be a special place in my heart for that pink hotel. The Hawaiians and their island,and that summer was the best of times.What a memory.

trudyjames on

Joni's always been my favorite artist so being able to see her in Hawaii was a real treat. My visit to Honolulu was a high school graduation present from my parents and being at her concert with my close friends was the highlight of the trip for me. Even the sudden downpours, without an umbrella, didn't dampen my spirits. It was an awesome night! And Jackson was good too! Can you believe tickets were only $6.00???? I still have my ticket stub!