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David Marshall on

Any Canadian will recognize by the holding of the paddle that she is in a canoe, an Indigenous People's watercraft well-suited to travelling the multitude of lakes and rivers found almost everywhere in Canada, especially in the Boreal Forest Region of northern Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec Provinces. The early explorers and fur traders used the canoe so extensively that it is a symbol of Canada, its usefullness being in its ability to be carried or dragged overland for short distances to connecting rivers and lakes. The hills in the background show this painting was set in either in Ontario, Quebec or British Columbia Provinces, or it may be a composite painting combining all the provinces. I am sure there is a huge message here in her self-portrait, but others can speculate on that.

Kit Autry on

Took one look at this and thought, " Canoe Evening". Was also wondering if this picture had been takin at "My Secret Place". The drumming on that by Manu Katche still blows my mind. Wise choice on that musician. Did Robbie Robertson have anything to do with that? Peace. KIT