Table Laurel Canyon I

Joni's comments from the Starart book:

[This and the next drawing] are of the kitchen table I had in Laurel Canyon, one done in the day and the other at night. It was a delicious room; the windows were big and the trees were quite a bit below so it was literally like living in a tree house. I've always been drawn to color; I had a bright blue salad bowl, a purple candlestick and very vivid hand-embroidered place mats. Everything was folk-artish as a matter of face, so I guess my aesthetics were still quite related to folk music.

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fearless on

Love the feeling this picture evokes.

mrmd53 on

Sharon says it all..

sharonharrison on

This woman is a genuis when it comes to color cominations. This picture glows. Just stunning.

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