Both Sides 2

(from Joni Mitchell Paintings Interview of Joni Mitchell by Rene Engel © KCSN-FM December 21, 1999)

JM: Well, as many as I could do in two weeks. So I did this one and then, you know, they said, okay, what are you going to do on the back? Okay, I'll paint it from behind. Okay, so they went out and they got -- I said, just go out and get me a picture of a bar with a green glass shelf. I want a green glass shelf and a lot of bottles. So they got a model, a big, fat guy with an old hat, right, who was my stand-in. So I had nothing to do the back of my head from so I had to do it by tactile feeling the back of my head, you know, and I did it by ink-blotting it. I put the canvas next to this and copied that shape, you know, like over here and just by copying your negative space like that and then put the other edge on the other side and copy the negative space. And then I filled it in from instinct, right.

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oprater on

I want this one, and Both Sides 1 also. Can't have one without the other. Do it, Joni!

markjinela on

While attending the Greek Theatre Concert I was able to buy a print of this fine work. It has been in a tube since then. I wish we had the money to frame it properly. It was a favorite of my Fathers. I gave him the program from the show which he displayed in his room.   [ed.]

HugeJoniFan on

Please alert me if/when this painting becomes available for sail.

Many thanks!