Paint Palette

Even one of Joni's paint palettes is a work of art, right? Dehl Vella writes: It was early 1999, my mom and I left Canada for 6 months to stay in the small fishing village of Boca De Tomatlan, Mexico. We lived in a 3 level home, each level rented separately. We would meet new people frequently, and Joni was renting one level. Each level had an open balcony with a gorgeous view of the ocean with fishing boats coming and going. Joni joined us one day for a day of boating and exploring the Marieta Islands. Everyday Joni would take time to paint her artwork and I would often check in to see the progress. When it was complete it was stunning, I assumed she was going to discard the palette to depart back to Canada, which is when I asked if I could keep it.

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