Red Mountains

Photo from a 1994 Reprise Records promotional postcard booklet of Joni's original paintings promoting the release of the album TURBULENT INDIGO.

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David Marshall on

The mountains here have the distinctive appearance of the Front Ranges of Canada's Rocky Mountains, but exactly where it is, I do not know, could be anywhere, there are endless possibilites, endless ranges, some rarely seen by human eyes, all mostly un-populated, in the 1500 km / 900 miles from the Canada-US border to the Yukon boundary, where, after a flat section, the mountains continue on into the Yukon and Alaska. The jumbled ice on the small lake is typical during Spring-time "break-up" and melt of the snow and ice. Great and accurate use of color is one of Joni's painting hallmarks, as is accurate renditioning of angles and shapes in the natural world.