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BIg Blue Moon There

More recently Joni Mitchell has turned her attention to exploring the expressive possibilities inherent in combining both figurative and abstract elements in a single work. In her painting entitled "Big Blue Moon There" 1987, the interaction of figure and ground generates new shapes that are like eddies in a flow of pictorial energy. The human character of the positioning of the arm and head and the close colour relationship between image and ground mean that the harmonies of the image have become more closely interlocked. A single dynamic force runs through both figure and background. Listed in catalogues as 'Big Blue Moon There' but the inscription on the frame reads 'Once In A While In A Big Blue Moon There Comes A Night Like This, Kavai 1987', referring to the song 'Night Ride Home' the song Joni wrote about a 4th of July celebration Kauai.

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Abstracted Realism

Acrylic on canvas
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