This painting is found inside the TURBULENT INDIGO Piano/Vocal/Chords songbook on page 34.

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David Marshall on

Anyone who knows British Columbia Province well and its immense nature (and is familiar with the artist) will immediately recognize this as the view, here in late Spring, from the Howe Sound Crest Trail, which runs along the tops of many mountains just north of Vancouver, Canada. Joni's hide-a-way estate is located not too far away from here but I will be vague so as to protect her privacy. If you enter Howe Sound Crest Trail in Google Images, you will see photos of the hill on the islands below seen in her painting. Joni repeatedly proves herself as excellent in painting the colors of nature, especially in unusual lighting situations due to atmospheric effects or angles of the sun in different seasons. It is not for me to say whether she took a helicopter up there to paint this, which is rediculous really at that time of year and the corresponding cold, wind, and serious danger from unstable snow, more sensibly she acquired a photo and painted it in the comfort and safety of her studio from that. She is very skilled at getting the colors just right in the lighted and shadowed parts of the mountains, fabulous really. I also really like the way she presents the water, it looks exactly like this under filmy cloud and slanted Spring light, the sun is starting to set in the west, this is late afternoon.

Howe Sound is the second fiord on this coast, Vancouver Harbor's remote upper reaches are the first, dozens of other fiords are in the 1500 km / 900 miles to Glacier Bay, Alaska, along the famed, usually rainy and hardly populated "Inside Passage" sea route. The Howe Sound Crest Trail was just one of countless environmental initiatives that were enacted in this region in the '70's / '80's /'90's, I always thought Joni's culture as a person reflected the culture of this region somewhat, especially between 1972 and 1990.

denbook on

Could Joni have been to Norway?