Mingus Down in Mexico

Mingus Down in Mexico (also known as Charlie Down in Mexico) appeared as artwork for the album MINGUS in 1979.

Joni's comments from the 1988 eclection art exhibition catalog and titled Mingus Down In Mexico: This is a portrait of Charles Mingus in Cuernavaca, Mexico, in the yard of a house he and his wife, Sue, had rented to enable him to see a healer in Mexico City. It is a sad-funny little painting.

Joni's comments from the 1979 StarArt book: 'Charlie Down In Mexico' was done from a photograph taken by Sue Graham. The study itself in shadows and shapes was interesting to me and that big sombrero on Charlie added an air of festivity to it. Even though he was paralyzed and given to moodiness, he was still capable of enjoying things to a tremendous fullness. So I was compelled to paint this to balance out the other vision of him that contains the wrestling with fear and death.

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