Turbulent Indigo

(from 'I sing my sorrow and I paint my joy' by Deirdre Kelly, Toronto Globe and Mail, June 8, 2000)
ON HER VAN GOGH-STYLE SELF-PORTRAIT "I painted it around, I guess, 1993 when I met Don Freed [her boyfriend] -- who's the subject of some of these paintings in the show -- for the first time. And he said, 'How are you?' And I said, 'Undervalued.' [Laughs.] And I was. I was very frustrated at that time because the normal outlets for getting your product marketed in my business, those doors had been closed to me, and no one could give me a reason why. . . .

"So my work was being rejected whereas mediocre work was being accepted and elevated on the basis of newness and youth and, you know, obvious mercantile speculation ran in that direction. So, rather than physically cut my ear off, I did it in effigy. [Huge belly laugh.] I'm not that stupid."

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flocke on

Hello thespiancool, I ´m looking for the poster - can you tell me, where I can buy it ?

thespiancool on

I have the poster. You can see WAY more detail about the painting than on the CD cover. Someone who ran a coffee shop that I went to after band practice heard me go on and on about JM to other people. One day, he stared at me and said, "You want this?" It was the poster and the CD. I could have kissed him. It's been on my wall ever since. No, don't ask for it. it's not for sale at any price.

Willie_Yanock on

My name is Willie Yanock and I am respondsible for some very harsh criticism of her art but this self portrait is a masterpiece.I think it could be her very best work ever. There is not enough room on this comment to express the quality of work. She truly in her past has seen the light of God unfortunately she has been sidetracked by yes men.