Middle Point

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JudithRenaud on

Early in 1993 my husband, Paul Renaud & 'Design in Mind Hardwood Floors' was given a contract to work on Joni's floors in her home at Middlepoint.I accompanied him, not wanting to be alone at that time, as my father had just passed away a few days before. I sat at this spot while he worked~ the memories of the place, the time and my reflections live with me to this very day. Upon our return home to Gibsons, my mother called and asked how I was doing. I told her I had just been to Joni's home and I was working on a sculpture creation, 'Good' she said, 'when in grief you must do something creative!' I worked for days in my studio playing 'Blue' and other songs of Joni's and created a sculpture and a mask in honour of my father. Nasci was a rather large figure and was built from a mannequin form using clay and jewels and feathers~ I found the word nascent~(coming into existence) hence the name "Nasci" The mask of my father remains in a hidden and sacred place. I return to it when my father appears in dreams or on very special occasions to honour his birthday (Valentine's Day and Mom and Dad's anniversary.) This spiritual sanctuary on the water in Middletown assisted me and enabled me to return to a place of acceptance/calm/solace. And for that, I am truly grateful.

franiam on

I so love this painting. I feel like that's me sitting there.

bozito on

This painting was on large silk screen banners with the words "Idol", "Idyll", "Ideal" and "Idle" for the Joni+Van+Dylan show in San Jose (I forget the year -- 200x).
I love this painting. For many reasons. "It'll" be known someday why perhaps.
Ceeg = Siege

dino7 on

This painting is so beautiful...only the Creator could do better.

carmelrotem on

me too.

baby1965 on

I love this painting.