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This painting featured on the CD of 'Taming The Tiger'. The original was stolen after the exhibition Joni Mitchell premiered at LACE in Los Angeles and we haven't heard as to whether it was ever recovered or not.

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Late Figurative

Oil on canvas
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Comments on Untitled

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Carolina on 2009-Apr-06 at 06:25:46 GMT-5:
i love this painting and now i found out it is missing! Makes me sad. Hopefully the one who took it is enjoying seeing the painting. Otherwise it is a waste because it is made fot people to enjoy (i think)
Hendo on 2009-Mar-18 at 04:12:54 GMT-5:
Strange shape to the hind quarters. If you cut off the tail and top half it would look like an oven ready chicken.
jamiezoob on 2009-Mar-11 at 05:36:52 GMT-5:
We're not sure if this has been recovered