Glacier Lake

Photo from a 1994 Reprise Records promotional postcard booklet of Joni's original paintings promoting the release of the album TURBULENT INDIGO.

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David Marshall on

This is the aptly-named "Lake of the Hanging Glaciers" (Google Images will confirm it) located high in the Purcell Range of the Columbia River Mountains in south-eastern British Columbia Province (BC for short), Canada, the province was named after the river by Queen Victoria of Britain, it is the same river which flows into the northwest USA, Joni played concerts along it at the Columbia (River) Gorge Ampitheater in central Washington State. Back to this lake: it is quite remote, a long gravel road goes from the nearest town, then a 8 km / 5 mile trail goes to the lake, course our songstress could take a helicopter there. There are many, many famous Alpine Lakes in Canada's Columbia and Rocky Mountains, I am glad she chose this one to paint, as it is almost unknown outside of the local region, but it is one of the best. She did really, really good with the colors and the slightly abstract shapes of the rock & floating ice, her ability to paint reflecting water and shades of light on the lake and mountains is exceptional. Incidentally, this lake is only about 300 km / 200 miles away by air from Joni's birthplace in the town of Fort MacLeod, Alberta Province. I am pleased to say that this lake has recently been saved from ski resort development by the BC Gov't, who are consulting with regional Indigenous Peoples on a long term preservation strategy, as they were significant in stopping the ski resort due to ancient social and cultural use of this area. Google "Jumbo Pass Ski Resort" and the "Lake of the Hanging Glaciers" for more info. We all know that Joni's song "Big Yellow Taxi" had a lot to do with initiating the environmental movement here and world-wide in the early 1970's, this is one more victory against "paving paradise and putting up a parking lot" and in BC at least, after countless struggles spanning 50 years, the list of such victories is long and glorious.