Guitar and Piano Transcriptions

Cool Water

Guitar chords transcribed by Howard Wright

Tuning: DAEGAD  (other transcriptions in this same tuning)
"Joni" Tuning: D77325
Tuning pattern: x77325  (others in this same pattern)

Author Notes:

There are several electric guitars playing in this track, and not all of them are Joni's. I think the two guitars
panned far left and right are Joni's, and the guitars in the centre of the stereo image are played
by someone else. The chords here are just for Joni's guitar part.

Joni uses a lot of upward strums on the top three or four open strings between chords, a favourite
technique of hers. I've indicated most of these as xx0000 (I think of them as a kind of "punctuation"
between chords). In most cases, these open strings should be left to ring on as the next chord is fingered.

To contrast with the open string chords, most of the shapes at the 5th and 7th fret (5554xx and 7776xx)
are played without using the top open strings. Try adding an occasional open string to these shapes (as
Joni does), but try and play most of them using just the bottom four strings.

This transcription is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song.
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