Winter Lady

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Tuning: DADGBE   "Joni" Tuning: D75545

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This song was recorded live in Main Point, Philadelphia,
October 11, 1967.


Repeat this set of chords four times for the Intro
and twice between verses:

5554xx   0xxxxx   3332xx   0xxxxx

1st verse:

5554xx      3332xx
Winter Lady where you going?

5554xx                     3332xx
with you hair all soft and loose like snowing?

5554xx      3332xx
Winter girl December child

002210               000232
       don't run a-  way

5554xx      3332xx
Winter Lady walking sadly

5554xx          3332xx
does your lover treat you badly

5554xx       3332xx
Do you dream or wish on stars

002210           000232
     to hear him say

002210            000232
"Oh, Winter Lady, I won't hurt you

I won't cheat you

I won't desert you

002210       000232
Winter Lady, you need lovin'

3332xx    0xxxxx   5554xx
I need    lovin',  too

0xxxxx   3332xx   0xxxxx   5554xx
I        need     lovin'   you"

2nd verse:

Staring out your winter window
At a silver sky you know you've been to
In a kiss upon a day before a spring
Winter lady, cry those crystal tears
He won't know what he's missing
Love's too late, you've changed your mind
And it's my turn to sing, "Oh,
Winter lady, I won't hurt you, I won't cheat you,
I won't desert you, winter lady, you need lovin',
I need lovin', too.  I need lovin' you.


5554xx   0xxxxx   3332xx   0xxxxx   5554xx

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