Song Lyrics

Gemini Twin

by Joni Mitchell

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Write me a royal blue parchment poem
Draw me a royal blue lady like me
Draw me a smile
That's a lot like my own
And make my eyes flowers
And make my mind see
I will weave melodies only for you
And color them silver and saffron and blue

Build me a window to watch everything
Leave it unshuttered so nothing slips by
No season, no sorrow, no wonderful thing
No raspberry, strawberry sun in the sky
I will bring music and marsipan bars
And live deep inside you
Wherever you are

Teach me the ways of the Gemini twin
Show me the love that he says without words
Bring me his laughter again and again
The silence is singing, the quiet is heard
I will find harmonies waiting unsung
With two souls to sing them
Where once there was one

© 1967; Gandalf Publishing Company

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jenpineapple on

Where can I find a recording of this? The lyrics move me.

JoniMySavior on

Joni, herself, probably doesn't even remember the melodic arrangement to the song. And her favorite color is green.

khasselq on

I love this song- how can I hear it?
Is blue your favorite color?

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