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Last Chance Lost

by Joni Mitchell

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Last chance lost
In the tyranny of a long good-bye
Last chance lost
We talk of us with deadly earnest eyes
Last chance lost
We talk of love in terms of sacrifice and compromise
Last chance
Last chance lost

Last chance lost
The hero cannot make the change
Last chance lost
The shrew will not be tamed
Last chance lost
They bicker on the rifle range
Blame takes aim
Last chance
Last chance lost

© 1994; Crazy Crow Music

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HumbleDaisy on

I bought "Turbulent Indigo" a couple of years ago after hearing "Sex Kills" on some type of VH1 "classic artists" show -- can't remember the name. I played "Sex Kills" and didn't really connect. Stashed the CD and a couple years later, I dig it out at random.

Played the album last night but had a hard time getting past the pure freaking BRILLIANCE of "Last Chance Lost". Bawled my eyes out.

Finally, after about 15 consecutive listens, I was able to finish the album.

A game changer.

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